About ComTek Business Communication Systems

ComTek’s philosophy is to make every install, every service call, and every consultation as easy, carefree, and enjoyable as possible.

customer-serviceComTek was started in 2008, when owner, Kala Mullaney, was laid off as a telephone technician. With the bad economic times ahead, he had to do something and fast. With his almost 20 years experience and knowledge of the communication industry and a little luck ComTek was started.

Kala’s vision was to make sure that the customer knew what was needed in the language they could understand, the product was what they needed, and to make sure at the end of the day the customer was satisfied, even if it meant sending them to the competition.

ComTek’s goal is to make every client a friend. Knowing this, our client base is treated with the best possible service without the hassle and worries you may get from other companies. When a client calls us, they will immediately know they are getting a professional every time, and someone who really wants to help them.