Samsung Products

ComTek is an Authorized dealer for Samsung Telecommunications Products.

From small business to large corporations, we will have your answers. We offer the OfficeServ™ 7000 series systems that can be customized to your specific needs and grow as you need it to grow.

The Samsung OfficeServ™ 7000 comes in 5 base systems.

TheOfficeServ™ 7030 is a non-expandable system that comes ready for any small business. Starting configuration comes out-of-the-box as a 4x0x2 system, 3 phones, and an Auto-Attendant. The 7030 can support up to 4 standard analog trunks or up to 8 SIP trunks. This system is great for any small business on a small budget.

Our best seller is the OfficeServ™ 7100. This extremely powerful system has all the bells and whistles at a great low cost. The OfficeServ™ 7100 comes well equipped with 5 5021DS phones, or 6 iDCS 28 button phones, up to 4 standard analog trunks, up to 8 phones,and a full voicemail/auto attendant. The OfficeServ™ 7100 can fit any budget and can make any small or medium company feel and sound like a major corporation.

The OfficeServ™ 7200-S was created for that small to mid-sized company that wants to grow in smaller increments and a slower pace. Great for those, “mom and pop” businesses that are content with the size of their company but may want to expand later on.

The OfficeServ™ 7200 and 7400 are our medium to large solutions. These systems are customizable to fit the needs of the company, with the room needed to expand on a moment’s notice.

With all the Samsung systems, they can be networked together, compatible with SIP Trunking, T-1/PRI, multiple CTI applications, and they all come with a 5yr warranty.

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